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Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Tour Iron-Wood Set


Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Tour Iron-Wood Set
Photo Courtesy of Tour Edge Golf
Tour Edge's Bazooka JMAX Tour Iron-Wood set might be called a hybrid set for golfers who don't like the looks of hybrids. Most hybrids look more like fairway woods than irons, but many golfers prefer the traditional iron look.

The clubs in the JMAX Tour Iron-Wood set don't really look like traditional irons, either, but at address they do present a thin topline and minimal offset, designed to mimic those qualities on traditional irons.

The secret is in the very wide, ultraheavy sole, which contains nearly half the total weight of each clubhead. That has the expected benefits of a deep, low center of gravity: help getting the ball airborne, a higher launch, more forgiveness. The reasons that so many golfers are switching from traditional irons to hybrids.

The Bazooka JMAX Tour Iron-Wood set is available from 1-LW, as a full 3-PW set, or clubs can be purchased individually to mix and match with traditional irons (replace only your long irons with Iron-Woods, for example).

The stock shafts are Aldila NV 85 graphite or Nippon N.S.Pro 950GH steel. Bazooka JMAX Tour Iron-Woods are available in men's and women's right hand in 1-LW; left hand available in #2 and #3. The estimated retail price per club is $119 with the Aldila NV85 shaft; $79 with the Nippon Steel shaft; or $89 with a JMAX graphite shaft. A 3-PW set is estimated to sell at $899.99 with Aldila NV 85 shafts; $699.99 with the JMAX graphite shafts; or $599.99 with Nippon Steel shafts.

For more info on these and other Tour Edge clubs, visit the Tour Edge website.

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