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Two Devices Help Golfers Work on Tempo - Page 2


Tour Tempo Player

The compact Tour Tempo player.

Photo courtesy Tour Tempo; used with permission

Tour Tempo
Golf teacher John Novosel is the coauthor of book, based on his film studies of the swings of great golfers, called Tour Tempo (check prices).

The little electronic gadget (pictured on this page) also called the Tour Tempo can be thought of as a companion to the book, although you don't need the book to use the audio player. The Tour Tempo player takes the ideas explained in the book and puts them into an iPod-sized player loaded with swing tones of differing rhythms that are designed to help each golfer find his or her ideal tempo.

What did Novosel discover in his film studies? The book tout explains:

As an avid golfer and inventor, John Novosel studied film footage of the PGA greats, searching, along with countless others over the last century, for the key to what made certain golfers' swings so effortless and powerful. Novosel made a startling discovery. Nearly every champion demonstrated identical time proportion in his or her swing, a common ratio between takeaway and downswing.

That ratio of backswing to downswing, according to Novosel, was always 3:1, regardless of whether the golf great in question had a fast or slow tempo. But he also found that the total elapsed time of a great golfer's swing was almost always faster than that of a recreational golfer's swing.

The Tour Tempo player can be used to practice full-swing or putting tempo, and its volume can be adjusted up or down for quiet, individual use or for louder group practice.

The audio tones on the Tour Tempo player correlate to several different Tour tempos, and are set to a musical beat to make them easier to groove your swing to (and, presumably, less monotonous). Those musical beats are also available on CD so the golfer can continue listening to them in the car or anywhere else he or she listens to CDs.

The Tour Tempo player is, at the time of the writing, being offered on the Tour Tempo Web site for $99.95. The Tour Tempo book and CD can also be ordered off the Web site. An instructional DVD is included with the Tour Tempo player.


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