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TaylorMade's 2007 Lineup Includes r7 SuperQuad Driver

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TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver

The TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad driver.

Photo courtesy TaylorMade/adidas
Jan. 29, 2007 - Has it really been three years since TaylorMade launched its r7 Quad driver franchise? Yes, it has has been. The original r7 Quad was 400cc in clubhead volume with four movable weights.

Now, TaylorMade launches its first 460cc driver with four adjustable weight ports, the r7 SuperQuad. Indeed, TaylorMade crows about being the first company to get to market a driver with the maximum allowable clubhead volume and four movable weights.

TaylorMade describes the target consumer for the r7 SuperQuad as golfers who "prefer to assess and calculate before launching the ball, who enjoy tweaking their equipment in attempts to optimize their equipment and eke the absolute most out of their physical abilities. SuperQuad players like options. They value course management and approach the game as a chess player would."

The weight cartridges for the r7 SuperQuad are the same as for the original r7 Quad: two 12-gram cartridges and two 1-gram cartridges. Adjusting those weights in different configurations can result in six different center-of-gravity positions; raise or lower the launch angle by up to 1.5 degrees; or promote a 14-yard change in a right-to-left or left-to-right ball flight, as desired by the golfer.

Of course, the golfer has to know what he's doing to effect those changes (go back and re-read TaylorMade's statement about the golfer for whom this club is made), or be willing to ask for help from someone who does (such as a teaching professional or clubfitter).

TaylorMade calls the clubhead "contemporarily shaped," meaning it's not square, or triangular, or any other unusual shape. It's shaped like a typical 460cc clubhead. But the r7 SuperQuad driver does stand out in appearance because of its almost-all-black coloring. All of the clubhead - including the face - is black, save for some yellow striping on the sole, along with the "r7" and "TaylorMade" scripting on the bottom.

The stock shaft for the r7 SuperQuad is the new 65-gram TaylorMade SuperFast RE*AX shaft with .350 tip by Fujikura; available flexes are X, S, R and M.

The r7 SuperQuad is available in four lofts – 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5. It has a slightly closed clubface and very low center of gravity, which TaylorMade says makes it ideal for golfers in both the Improving and Skilled categories. The MSRP for the r7 SuperQuad is $499, and the driver will be available at retail beginning Feb. 23, 2007.

There are also two other version of the r7 SuperQuad:

r7 SuperQuad TP
Carrying TaylorMade's "Tour Preferred" designation, the r7 SuperQuad TP has a 1-degree open clubface and a higher center-of-gravity location. The TP version of this club has more weight cartridges (six - two 12-gram, two 1-gram, one 10-gram and one 14-gram), giving better golfers the ability to better fine-tune the club to their game. The SuperQuad TP is equipped with a TaylorMade RE*AX TP shaft with Fujikura ROMBAX technology and .335 tip. Three shaft weights and flexes are available - 75-, 65- and 55- grams; and X, S and R flexes. The MSRP for the r7 SuperQuad TP is $725. This version will be available at retail beginning March 20, 2007.

r7 SuperQuad TP 1st Edition
You can find the r7 SuperQuad TP 1st Edition in pro shops right now, and it will cost you the MSRP of $1,000. The TP 1st Edition has 10 weight cartridges for a possible 978 center-of-gravity locations. It also comes with a slightly open face and a higher center-of-gravity. The shaft is the 75-gram RE*AX TP with Fujikura ROMBAX technology and .335 tip, available in S and R flexes. This version includes a 1st Edition/TP Shield decal on the toe to show off to your buddies who could only afford one of the less expensive models, plus various other 1st Edition-labeled accessories.

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