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Adams Redline RPM 460 Dual Driver Features Moveable Weights


Updated June 10, 2005

So you want a maxed-out 460cc clubhead on your driver, but you also want weight ports that feature moveable weights so you can customize the driver yourself. What's out there in the market for you?

Now, the Redline RPM 460cc Dual driver is out there from Adams Golf. It is, Adams claims, the first 460cc drive to feature two moveable weights.

The point of the moveable weights is to allow the golfer to change the launch conditions by repositioning weight, thereby changing the center of gravity. The Redline RPM 460 Dual has one weight port in the heel and another in the toe. Between them, there are 14 grams of weight that the owner of the driver can play with to create a draw bias, fade bias or a neutral ballflight.

This is the second breakthrough in Adams' Redline line of drivers. The Redline RPM 430Q was, when it was introduced earlier, the first driver to incorporate both a composite crown and four moveable weights, according to Adams.

The RPM 460 Dual also, by the way, incorporates a composite crown. It comes with four moveable weight screws: two 7-gram screws, one 2-gram and one 12-gram. Available lofts are 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 in right hand; 9.5 and 10.5 in left hand.

The MSRP of the Adams Redline RPM 460 Dual is $349.99 at launch.

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