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Ping Tour Wedges Aim for Versatility, High Spin


Ping Tour Wedges
Ping Golf
Updated August 17, 2004
Ping's new Tour wedges offer golfers versatility in all conditions and higher spin rates, according to John A. Solheim, Ping Chairman and CEO.

Solheim, who worked with Ping Club Designer Mike Nicolette on the stainless steel wedges, said, "They have a compact head and rounded sole profile that makes them incredibly versatile. They also feature precisely machined grooves with tuned specifications that have increased the spin rate, especially on short shots around the green."

The investment cast clubs feature a small cavity for added forgiveness and a center of gravity positioned to produce a penetrating, consistent ball flight. The compact head size and sole design allow the golfer to easily open or close the wedge for all types of shots from any lie. Golfers will also find the machined grooves help provide more consistency in wet or dry conditions.

"They’re very playable for all ability levels," said Nicolette, a PGA Tour winner turned club designer. "They’ll especially appeal to the player who likes to be creative in his or her shot making."

Solheim said that many golfers have been pleasantly surprised at the cosmetics of the new club, which feature a polished, brushed finish and ferrule for a traditional blade look.

"We focused a lot of effort on creating the proper finish," Solheim said. "We know a polished finish appeals to many golfers. But we also know a shiny surface can create glare and cause a golfer to lose concentration. So we varied the finishes throughout the club. The areas that the golfer doesn't focus on are polished. The areas the golfer sees at address - the hosel and top line - feature a light, brushed finish. It all makes a very attractive club."

The Tour wedges are available in five lofts: 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees. Each features a variable bounce angle. Each is custom fit in one of 10 lie angles. Steel and graphite shafts are available in a variety of flexes.

MSRP is $125 with a steel shaft, $155 with graphite shaft. The Ping Tour wedges begin shipping Sept. 1, 2004.

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