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Nike Targets Accessibility with NDS Woods, Irons

Nike Distance Series Clubs Enter at Lower Price Point


Updated September 23, 2004
Nike Golf has spent the past three years building a full range of golf clubs, many of them targeted at better players and entering the market at the higher price point of high-quality clubs.

Now Nike has turned its attention to building a new set of clubs whose prices will appeal to a larger swath of golf consumers.

The Nike Distance Series - or NDS clubs - is geared to golfers of all abilities who want the quality of high-tech clubs without having to pay high dollar.

The NDS line includes irons, fairway woods and a driver, which Nike says are designed "... from research and materials gleaned from previous award-winning projects such as the Slingshot Irons and the Ignite Driver. By applying what it has learned through the manipulation of the center of gravity, progressive weighting and various shaft options, Nike Golf has been able to create clubs for golfers that will make the game more enjoyable and immensely more affordable."

"We want to bring golf to everyone and for the game to be enjoyable to everyone," said Tom Stites, Nike Golf's Director of Product Creation. "The Nike Distance Series is ideal for golfers looking for a name that they associate with quality and performance, as well as a product that won't break the bank."

NDS Irons
The NDS Irons incorporate a simple notch weight progression system based on the same manipulation of center of gravity features in Nike's popular Slingshot Irons. The result, Nike says, is a full range of affordable irons that will still help beginners and high handicappers find their way from the tee to the green.

The long irons have a larger notch to increase the heel and toe weighting, allowing for greater forgiveness. The short irons have a narrower notch, raising the center of gravity to increase the workability and avoid ballooning trajectories.

Made with a wide sole and progressive offset, the NDS irons are constructed from 431 Stainless Steel for a softer feel.

The NDS irons men's set includes 3-PW and women's set 4-SW. They will be available in both left hand and right hand models with an exclusive NDS steel shaft from True Temper (Uniflex) or an exclusive NDS graphite shaft from Fujikura (Stiff, Regular, Women's, Senior).

The NDS Irons carry an MSRP of $599 in graphite or $479 in steel. They begin shipping Oct. 1, 2004.

NDS Driver and Fairway Woods
The NDS Driver carries an MSRP of $239, and the NDS fairway woods are priced at $179 each.

The NDS driver is crafted with a 2041 Beta Titanium face, which is thinner and stronger than steel and provides greater distance. The 400cc titanium head's large, deep face increases forgiveness.

The NDS Fairway Woods are constructed from 17-4 stainless steel. The center of gravity is placed low in the club for the optimum launch angle, making it easier to get the ball off the fairway and into the air.

Both the driver and the fairway woods come with an exclusive Fujikura NDS graphite shaft, a soft tip shaft designed specifically for the NDS head.

The NDS driver is available in both RH and LH; RH models come in 9.5, 10.5 or 13 degrees of loft. The LH model is available in 10.5 only. The women's NDS driver is available in RH at 13 degrees of loft.

The NDS fairway woods are available in 3 (15 degrees) and 5 (19 degrees), and both RH and LH.

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