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Mizuno MX-17 Irons Called Company's Most-Forgiving Yet


Mizuno MX-17 Irons

The Mizuno MX-17 irons are geared for game improvement.

Mizuno Golf
Updated October 26, 2004
Mizuno's new MX-17 irons are the most-forgiving irons the company has ever made, according to Mizuno. The stainless steel MX-17 irons feature an extremely low and deep center of gravity, an extra wide sole, large sweet spot, thicker top line, and generous off-set.

Mizuno is marketing the set as "the perfect iron for the mid to high handicap golfer."

The Mizuno MX-17s feature what the company calls "Multi-Piece Wax Technology," a manufacturing process that allows greater flexibility in design. What Mizuno's design team was after were irons that offered maximum forgiveness with an easy, high launch while maintaining solid feel and control.

The MX-17 irons feature a wide pocket cavity in the long irons (3-6) that moves weight farther down and away from the face. In irons 7-PW, the MX-17s feature a deep cavity with solid power bar design that is intended to provide solid feel with maximum control and accuracy.

In addition to the pocket cavity, the MX-17 set incorporates extensive perimeter weighting, which increases the size of the sweet spot for forgiveness on off-center hits.

The extra-wide soles are designed to add mass to the bottom of the clubs, which helps golfers get the ball up into the air and increases playability from different lies.

The Mizuno MX-17 irons are double nickel chrome plated and feature deep U-grooves. The stock shafts are True Temper Dynamite Gold in steel and Mizuno Exsar Blue in graphite. Also standard on the MX-17 will be the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58 Round grip.

The MX-17 set will be available in both right- and left-handed. MSRP is $699 with steel shafts and $799 with graphite shafts.

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