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Luxe Club Company Maruman Back in American Market with Metabio Lineup

Maruman Metabio Line Includes Drivers, Woods, Irons


Updated November 12, 2009

Japanese company Maruman Golf is well-known in Asia for its high-end golf equipment. The company calls itself the "Pacific Rim's leading name in ultra-premium" clubs.

Just how ultra-premium is ultra-premium? According to Steve Pike at PGA.com, Maruman's Majesty irons carry an MSRP of $6,000 per set. That's not a typo. The Majesty metal woods, Pike reports, check in at $2,000 per club.

Maruman hasn't been heard from in the North American market for about a decade, although golfers such as Curtis Strange and Laura Davies, Pike reports, played Maruman clubs for a time in the 1990s.

But Maruman is now returning to American shores, and with a club lineup that is downright cheap by its own standards - but still very pricey by U.S. standards, including irons that break the $2,000 mark.

The Maruman Metabio lineup of clubs includes drivers, wooods and irons.

Maruman Metabio Driver
The Maruman Metabio driver features a 6-4 titanium body and 430cc volume clubhead. Two tungsten inserts are mounted on the side of the head and the sole to help the golfer square the club at impact and aid in producing a tighter dispersion. Launch angle and spin are addressed through a low and deep center of gravity. The TVC titanium forged face plate narrows to less than 1 millimeter in thickness at its top and is plasma-welded to the body. Maruman Metabio drivers are available in 10-degree and 11-degree lofts and 44.75 inches in length. The MSRP for Maruman Metabio drivers is $600.

Maruman Metabio Fairway Woods
Metabio fairway woods are constructed from high-strength maraging 200 steel for a thinner body and face design, which helps increase spring off the clubface as well as moment of inertia. The low, deep center of gravity is designed to increase launch angle for a high trajectory. Maruman Metabio fairway woods are available in 3, 4, 5, and 9 models with lofts of 15, 18, 21 and 24 degrees, respectively. The MSRP is $305 per club.

Maruman Metabio Irons
The Metabio irons feature a thin, 2mm-thick, oval-shaped plate of maraging steel to increase repulsion off the clubface. The plate is laser-welded onto the body, and the clubs' design is intended to produce a high trajectory. Metabio irons are available in 3-iron (20 degrees loft) through 9-iron (38 degrees loft), plus PW, AW and SW. The MSRP for Maruman Metabio irons is $2,005 per set with graphite shafts or $1,825 with steel shafts.

More information on the Maruman Golf product line is available at www.maruman-golf.com.

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