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KZG Introduces Second-Generation Gemini Driver

Twin-Faced Gemini II 460 Joined by CH III Fairway Woods with Bendable Hosels


KZG Gemini II 460 Driver

The Gemini II 460 driver from KZG.

Photo courtesy of KZ Golf; used with permission
Updated October 26, 2006

KZ Golf, the custom proline manufacturer, has an updated version of its popular Gemini driver ready to go, plus the CH III fairway woods that are bendable at the hosel. Here's a look at each.

KZG Gemini II 460 Driver
A few years back, KZG caused quite a ruckus in the industry with the introduction of the Gemini driver. One of the first double-faced drivers on the market - with a second face a fraction inside the outer clubface - the Gemini was originally ruled nonconforming by the USGA, a decision the governing body reversed on appeal.

The Gemini went on to draw raves from reviewers everywhere, including here, for its superb performance on off-center strikes.

A new and, according to KZG, improved version of the Gemini is now ready. It's the Gemini II 460, and it comes with the same twin-face technology.

That technology works this way: At impact, the second, interior face transmits the energy from the strike to the perimeter of the outer clubface. This has the effect of enlarging the sweet spot, and reducing spin, according to KZG.

KZG's testing of the Gemini II 460 showed that it reduces backspin by 455 rpm and sidespin by 240 rpm compared to the original, and that it produces shots that fly an average of 6.6 yards farther compared to the original.

KZG is also marking the lofts of the Gemini II in a different manner. Rather than indicating loft in degrees, KZG has marked the drivers LL (low launch), ML (mid-launch), HL (high launch) and SL (super launch), with LL being the lowest loft and SL the highest. The reason, KZG says, is to avoid having consumers choose a loft that is too low for them because they don't want to be seen playing a high-degree driver (the macho man syndrome - guys, you know who you are). 

KZG CH III Fairway Woods
The KZG CH III fairway woods are another update to previous-generation products (the CH I and CH II, natch).

Perhaps the most obvious difference is that, unlike the previous versions, the CH III fairway woods are bendable at the hosel. This means they can easily be adjusted for lie angle to better fit the golfer. The CH IIIs are adjustable up to 3-degrees up or 4-degrees down.

Also, the CH III fairway woods come in eight lofts, ranging from a strong 3 (13 degrees) to a 13-wood (35 degrees). An ultra-thin face insert is similar to - but stronger and more elastic than - maraging steel.

More information on the KZG Gemini II driver and CH III fairway woods is available at kzg.com.

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