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Henry-Griffitts RDH3 Series Irons are Company's First New Irons in Five Years


Henry-Griffitts RDH3 Series Irons

The Henry-Griffitts RDH3 Series Irons are the company's first new irons in five years.

Henry-Griffitts Golf
Updated April 04, 2005

For the first time in five years, Henry-Griffitts has a new set of irons on the market.

Henry-Griffitts is an Idaho-based maker of custom-fitted golf equipment. The company's clubs can't be purchased in pro shops, but only through the Henry-Griffitts network of "HG-Certified Teachers."

The premium-performance Henry-Griffitts RDH3 Series Irons replace the GLII irons the company introduced in 2000.

"As a company, we believe that in order to justify the introduction of new product, we must offer golfers measurable improvements over the current state-of-the-art," said Henry-Griffitts CEO Jim Hofmeister. "The RDH3 Series delivers exactly that, side by side with the proven, performance-enhancing benefits of custom fitting. Of course the technological advances are there: The innovative backcut design of RDH3 irons, combined with the insertion of two tungsten/copper sole plugs (10 grams each), effectively lower the clubhead's center of gravity. The result is higher ball flight and increased stability through impact.

"But it's the custom-fitted aspect - and the relationship all our customers have with individual HG-Certified Teachers - that will deliver RDH3 players the improvements in their ball flight and consistency."

Every Henry-Griffitts club is manufactured in response to the results of a clubfitting session conducted by the company-certified teachers (to find a clubfitter near you, visit the Henry-Griffitts website). Sets are custom manufacturered and shipped within 48 hours of receiving the order.

The RDH3 Series irons are named for company founder Randy Henry, the creator of the set. They are cast from the softest stainless steel available, the company says.

"The graphics on the golf club are superb, the best cosmetics we've ever done," Henry said. "The green and gold make it an extremely sharp looking golf club, especially with the matching green graphite shafts. The score lines on the clubface itself look great - while performing an important function: dispersing grass and water from the ball for more consistent contact and maximum forgiveness on off-center hits."

True Temper shafts are stock, and Henry-Griffitts will, upon request, "pure" each shaft in the set using the SST PURE computer software.

"Technology is important - the RDH3 Series is state of the art," Hofmeister said. "But it's the custom fitting and the relationships our customers forge with HG-Certified Teachers that deliver confidence and improved performance."

MSRP for each RDH3 iron is $120 with a steel shaft, $162 with a graphite shaft. The RDH3 series is available 2-9 iron plus pitching wedge, target wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge.

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