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Golf Research In Play (GRIP) Enters Golf Equipment Field

Company Hopes to Get a Grip on "Middle Market" Recreational Golfers


Golf Research In Play (GRIP) Hybrids, Putters, Wedges

The three equipment categories GRIP debuts with are hybrids, putters and wedges.

Photo © Golf Research In Play
Updated April 18, 2006

There's a new golf equipment company on the scene, one that hopes to get a "grip" on what it says is a previously underserved segment of the market.

Golf Research In Play - or GRIP - recently launched with a lineup of hybrids, wedges and a putter that the company sells from its online retail store.

GRIP's clubs are original designs targeted to what the company calls "middle market recreational golfers." The company defines its target market as golfers who are looking for the latest technologies and latest designs in their clubs, but who want those clubs at lower price points.

"We discovered an entire market of recreational golfers who share a passion for golf and are highly interested in new, affordable golf clubs that feature the latest designs and technology, but do not want to break the bank with their club purchases," said Michael Blair, director of golf club development, in a company news release. "In response to their needs, we have developed 100-percent original golf clubs made from superior materials that are a fraction of the price of the current major golf brands."

Blair is one of two principals in the management team of Golf Research In Play. Rob Blumberg, company president, is the sales and product development guru with a background in the financial services industry. Blair brings a golf club design background to the team, having previously designed all the house brands for Golfers' Warehouse, and developed several brands on his own.

The first three offerings from Golf Research In Play are its GRIP Hyper Steel Hybrids, GRIP CNC Milled Wedges and GRIP Sweetness Putter. Here's a brief look at each:

GRIP Hyper Steel Hybrids
The GRIP Hyper Steel Hybrids are made from heat-treated, cast steel, and come preassembled with a six-gram brass screw in the heel and a three-gram aluminum screw in the toe. This builds in a small amount of draw bias to help the golfer who fights a slice or needs more control when trying to fade the ball. These hybrids also have a small amount of offset. They come in four lofts (2H through 5H models) and feature Uni-flex High Modulus graphite shafts. The MSRP is $69.95 each.

GRIP CNC Milled Wedges
The classic-teardrop-shaped GRIP CNC Milled Wedges are cast from 8620 mild carbon steel. The company says, "These wedges feature unique milling gradient specifications to provide ideal spin rates and feel around the greens for precision shot-making." Their design incorporates elements intended to help with proper aiming. Gap (52 degrees), Sand/Fairway (56 degrees) and Lob (60 degrees) models are available, with True Temper steel shafts. MSRP is $49.95 per club.

GRIP Sweetness Putter
The GRIP Sweetness Putter features an oversized, two-bar design, with a center aiming line between the two "Dual Tension Rods" to help make alignment easier. The double insert in the clubface is comprised of a soft, CNC-milled aluminum center surrounded by a soft polymer. MSRP is $69.95.

For more information about Golf Research In Play, visit the company Web site.

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