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Golf GPS


SkyCaddie SGX GPS Rangefinder

A golf GPS handheld device from SkyCaddie.

© SkyGolf; used with permission
Think of a golf GPS device as a caddie you can hold in your hand. The little golf GPS gadgets - which are now expanding to include smartphones and other mobile devices to which golf GPS apps can be downloaded - can tell you yardages not just to the green, but to different points along the full length of a hole; yardages to clear hazards; yards that you've hit previous shots.

Golf GPS devices can show you diagrams (sometimes even dynamic flyovers) of each hole on the course. It's the evolution of electronic devices into the realm of golf. First there were caddies. Then there were telescopic rangefinders. Then laser rangefinders. And finally, Global Positioning Satellite technology was applied to golf courses, giving us golf GPS.

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