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Putter Training Aid and Super-Game Improvement Hybrid Irons


P3 Putter

The P3 Putter is a training aid designed to teach the pendulum putting stroke.

Photo courtesy of P3 Putter; used with permission

P3 Putter Training Aid
The "P3" in the P3 Putter's name stands for "Perfect Pendulum Putting," and this training aid is not a putter itself, but rather an accessory that attaches to your own putter with the goal of helping you learn how to make a proper pendulum stroke.

The approach is fairly simple. A golfer takes his own putter and clips it into the middle of the P3 "crossbar." The crossbar has other slots along its length, moving out from the center at equal distances. Included with the P3 are two putter grips. The golfer attaches each of these grips to the crossbar also, one forward from the center and one to the rear. So now you've got a putter that has three grips, your own putter's grip in the center. (Take a look at the photo on this page if you're having trouble visualizing that.)

Then the golfer sets up to his ball, grasping the two grips that are forward and aft (so your hands are separated), and makes the stroke.

What does this design do? It forces the golfer to engage the big shoulder muscles, learning the feel of a pendulum putting stroke - one that doesn't have any wrist action or forearm twisting. That's the goal of the P3, helping the golfer develop that stroke without any unnecessary wrist or arm movements.

As the golfer gains confidence using the P3, he moves the two accessory putter grips closer to the middle, narrowing the gap between them, until eventually he arrives back at his own putter grip - but with, the P3 designers hope, a newfound feel for the pendulum stroke.

Neil Higgins, the training aid's inventor, explains his inspiration in this quote included in a company press release:

"I was walking down the fairway after five three-putts on the front nine, and I let my hands hang straight down, shoulder-width apart, and was moving my shoulders trying to create a pendulum motion. I quickly noticed it was very easy to create a pendulum putting stroke with my hands apart. I put my hands together and instantly felt the tension build in my shoulders, and my chest seemed to get in the way of making a proper pendulum stroke. Right then I knew I had the idea for a great training aid."

An 18-by-7-inch travel bag holds the P3 kit - the crossbar and two grips - and an instructional video is included in the $89.97 retail price.

Mizuno MX-950 Hybrid irons
The Mizuno MX-950 Hybrid set is aimed at mid- and high-handicappers who need help getting the ball on a higher launch and all the forgiveness they can get out of their clubs.

Three different head designs go into the makeup of this blended set:

  • Hybrid 3 and 4: These hybrids have internal tungsten weights positioned to pump up the MOI value and boost the launch and trajectory.
  • 5, 6, 7 irons: These wide-soled irons are Grain Flow Forged with Hollow Technology, also featuring internal tungsten weights in the lowest, deepest part of the cavity.
  • 8, 9 and Wedges: Grain Flow Forged irons utilizing 1025E mild carbon steel.

The 5-iron and up feature modified U-grooves to get the ball spinning. The MX-950 hybrid 3 and 4 have a two-tone painted finish, black and blue, and the irons are double-nickel chrome plated with a mirror satin finish.

The True Temper Dynalite Gold Super Lite shaft is standard for steel-shafted sets; and the Mizuno Exsar IS2 shaft is standard with graphite-shafted sets. But custom options are available, as are custom grip options and lie adjustments. A set, 3-PW, carries an MSRP of $1,180 with graphite shafts and $1,080 with steel shafts. Gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge are also available.

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