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Equipment Roundup: Cobra Introduces Speed Pro, Speed LD Drivers, Fairway Metals

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Cobra Speed LD Driver

The Cobra Speed LD Driver is 5-inches deep by 5-inches wide.

Photo courtesy of The Acushnet Co.
Updated February 21, 2007

Cobra calls the Speed LD and Speed Pro lineup of drivers and fairway metals "the longest, straightest most forgiving metals ever offered from Cobra." All of these clubs incorporate Cobra's "Speed Tuning" package, with clubheads, shafts and grips paired and matched to the swing speeds of different types of golfers. More info on these Cobra products is available at the Cobra Web site.

King Cobra Speed LD
"LD" stands for "Limit Dimensions," an indication that Cobra has increased the dimensions of the clubhead to achiever higher moment of inertia and larger sweet spots.

  • Speed LD Driver: The Cobra Speed LD Driver has the maximum allowable USGA length and width, five inches deep by five inches wide. Cobra claims these drivers have the highest MOI of any all-titanium driver, with a value of 5,000, and also claims the largest face of any driver in golf. The Speed LD Driver's center of gravity is positioned to achieve a draw bias and a higher trajectory. The Speed LD Driver begins shipping on March 1, 2007, with an MSRP of $375.
  • Speed LD Fairway Metal: The Speed LD Fairway metals are deeper, face-to-back, and longer, heel-to-toe, and also have an increased crown slope compared to previous Cobra fairway woods. The result is a lower, deeper center of gravity and higher MOI. Three, 5 and 7 woods are available, plus 9-woods in the senior and women's versions. MSRP is $225 with graphite shaft or $200 with steel shafts.

King Cobra Speed Pro

  • Speed Pro Driver: These drivers are geared to better players. Cobra says they are "the first drivers designed and developed with feedback from the Cobra PGA Tour Staff and are X/Speed Tuned for extreme ball speed players." The Speed Pro Driver has a traditional pear-shaped clubhead and characteristics designed to create "high launch, pro spin conditions." The two available models are the Speed Pro D and Speed Pro S. The Speed Pro D has a deeper face and is geared to high launch and low spin. The Speed Pro S has a shallower face and higher MOI, with a low-mid spin profile.

    These drivers also have an integrated swing-weight screw to allow for factory adjustment on custom orders. The ball flight is neutral, and the drivers come with a square-to-open face angle. Cobra Speed Pro Drivers begin shipping March 1, 2007, with an MSRP of $480.

  • Speed Pro Fairway Metal: Also designed with Tour feedback for "extreme speed players," the Cobra Speed Pro Fairway Metals have a lower profile and neutral weighting for "high launch and pro spin conditions." They have a maraging steel face insert and an integrated swing weight screw for factory adjustments on custom orders. Available in lofts of 13, 15 and 18 degrees, with an MSRP of $250 with graphite shafts or $225 with steel shafts.[/il]

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