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Ping G10 and i10 Irons Appeal to Different Players

Equipment Update, Page 2


Ping G10 Irons

The Ping G10 Iron with its "Atomic Orange" color scheme.

Photo courtesy of Ping Golf

There are two new iron sets from Ping, the G10 and the i10. As with the G10 Metal Woods, clubs are available beginning Sept. 1.

Ping G10 Irons
Compared to the i10 irons, the G10 irons have a larger head design, with a higher launch and the goal of maximum forgiveness.

Made of 17-4 stainless steel and with a stainless steel shot finish, the G10 irons are also accented in a color Ping calls "atomic orange."

This is the super game-improvement option in the Ping iron arsenal. The G10 irons feature extreme low toe weighting in an oversized, perimeter-weighted head with wider sole and a new cavity shape, all designed to target increased moment of inertia for added forgiveness.

Available irons are 2 through 9, plus pitching wedge, utility wedge (gap wedge), sand wedge and lob wedge. With a Ping AWT steel shaft the MSRP is $107.50 per club; with a Ping TFC 129i graphite shaft the MSRP is $135 per club.

Ping i10 Irons
Compared to the G10 irons, the i10 irons have a smaller head design and look more like traditional players' irons while retaining a cavity back and more forgiveness.

Golfers who seek game-improvement technology in their irons but still prefer a more traditional appearance may go for the i10 irons over the G10 irons.

In addition to smaller offset and a thinner topline, the i10 irons also have a narrow, cambered sole to appeal more to golfers for whom workability is more of a factor.

Compared to the G10 irons, the i10 irons are engineered to produce a lower, more penetrating ball flight. The same finish and color scheme are found with these irons.

The i10 irons are also available in 2-PW, UW, SW and LW. MSRP is $107.50 per iron with steel shaft and $135 per iron with graphite shaft.

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