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Equipment Update: Cleveland HiBore Fairway Woods, 73-Degree Wedge and More


Cleveland HiBore 3 Wood - Fairway Woods

Cleveland Golf's HiBore 3-Wood

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Golf; used with permission
Updated July 03, 2006

What's new in the equipment world? Here's a roundup:

Cleveland HiBore Fairway Woods
Utilizing the same approach as with the HiBore Driver, Cleveland Golf introduces the HiBore Fairway Woods.

The HiBore fairway woods have a 10-percent larger than on the Launcher Steel fairway metals, but because of the HiBore's inverted crown design the clubhead as a whole is actually smaller than conventionally shaped fairway woods.

Coupled with a thin crown, the clubhead geometry allows more weight to be positioned along the perimeter of the clubhead, boosting forgiveness. Cleveland says the HiBore model boasts the largest MOI of any fairway wood the company has made.

Right-handed models in lofts of 13, 15, 19 and 22 degrees begin shipping Aug. 1, 2006. Left-handed models in lofts of 15 and 19 degrees begin shipping Sept. 1. The MSRP is $275.

For more info, visit www.clevelandgolf.com.

Alpha RX and V5 Hybrids
The two newest hybrids from Alpha Golf are the V5 Hi-COR and the RX.

The V5 Hi-COR combines a driver-shaped face with a utility wood body in a way that Alpha says increases the forgiveness and playability (and specifically the size of the sweet zone). It's a technique Alpha calls "Ti-Cross Distance Advancement." The V5 Hi-COR hybrid also features a titanium face insert and 140cc head size.

The Alpha RX Hybrid is a high-performance stainless steel hybrid with no offset. It is available in lofts of 15, 18, 20, 22, 26 and 30.

For more information, visit www.alphagolfclubs.com.

The 73 Wedge from Feel Golf
Most lob wedges have lofts of around 60 degrees. Some PGA Tour player carry "X" wedges with higher lofts, many of those around 64 degrees.

Now Feel Golf - best-known for its wedges - says its 73-degree wedge is the next big thing in wedges. Company founder and CEO Lee Miller says "The 73" eliminates half-swings sometimes necessary with wedges of shorter lofts.

"... We discovered golfers of all abilities, from Tour players to 25 handicappers, have a need for a club that is so versatile that you can hit it 3 feet, or 50 yards and most of all, it needs to be easy to use," Miller said. " 'The 73' degree while it seems like a lot of loft - just as the 60 and 64 degree did when first introduced years ago - it is very easy to use. The distance is completely controllable, more so than any other loft we've found to date. Distance and the type of shot ( 3 foot or 50 yards) is completed simply by means of ball placement...back if you want some distance out of it ... and forward if you really want to get up and down."

The 73 wedge from Feel will be officially introduced at the PGA Fall Show.

G.R.I.P. Sweetness Putter
The Sweetness Putter from G.R.I.P. (Golf Research In Play) is now available through the company Web site, www.gogrip.com. The oversized putter head utilizes a "Dual Tension Rod" two-bar design for even weight distribution and balance. The face of the putter features a dual-insert, a CNC-milled aluminum center surrounded by a soft polymer.

New Styles for adidas Golf Shoes
Tour Traxion, University and Greenside are the three new styles of golf shoes from adidas this summer.

The Tour Traxion is modeled on the Tour 360 shoe worn by adidas' Tour players. This model features a lightweight EVA midsole with adiPrene® cushioning and a 1-year waterproof warranty. It retails for $90.

The University is designed to look just like the typical athletic shoe made by adidas, but it features golf-specific performance attributes including a wide and stable platform for swing stability, Traxion lugs and replaceable soft spikes for grip, and adiPrene for cushioning and comfort. This model retails for $80 a pair.

The Greenside is the budget version of the adidas golf shoe, retailing for $60 per pair. More information is available at www.adidasgolf.com.

FootJoy 2006-07 Women's Line
The 2006-07 line of women's golf shoes from FootJoy includes 33 different styles. Those styles include:

  • The Estate Collection, a "fashion-foward" premium leather shoe with an MSRP of $160;
  • The Contour Series, a sport saddle patter with an MSRP of $110;
  • The FootJoy LoPro Collection, with a street casual look and MSRP of $100;
  • And the eComfort series, a lightweight shoe with argyle patterns and an MSRP of $90.
  • More information is available at www.footjoy.com.

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