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Callaway Launches New Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrid

Company's Odyssey Division Unveils White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter


Odyssey White Hot Tri-Ball SRT Putter

The latest from Odyssey, a division of Callaway, is the White Steel Tri-Ball SRT putter.

Photo Courtesy Callaway Golf; used with permission
Updated January 27, 2006

Callaway recently announced a trio of new products - a new driver, fairway woods, and hybrid - for 2006. And Odyssey, a division of Callaway, has also introduced a new putter in its White Steel lineup, one that adds a third "ball" to the ever-popular 2-Ball design. Here's a look at the new products in the Callaway family.

Callaway Woods and Hybrids

Callaway X460 Driver: This all-titanium, 460cc driver comes in both standard and Tour models. It will be available beginning March 1, 2006, with an MSRP of $375.

Callaway X460 drivers feature what the company calls a "Consistent Alignment Sole." Subtle keels on the soleplate rest on the turf at address, designed to help aim the clubface and stabilize the head.

This driver also boasts a face area 10-percent larger than that of the Big Bertha Titanium 454 driver.

Tour versions of the X460 Driver come in half-degree lofts to distinguish them from the standard models. The Tour versions also have a square face angle, plus a slightly modified center of gravity position to produce trajectories generally preferred by better players.

Callaway X Fairway Woods: These woods are named for what Callaway calls the "X-Sole Design." They'll be available at retail on March 1, 2006, with MSRPs of $225 with steel shafts and $250 with graphite shafts.

The "X-Sole Design" is similar to that in the X460 Driver. Two subtle keels are found on the sole. At address, they contact the turf to help align the face, and "all but eliminat(e) the clubhead's tendency to rock back and forth at address."

The X Fairway Woods feature a 3-piece stainless steel construction and a square face. They come in in 3-, 4-, 5-, 7- and 9-wood models, plus two Tour models (13- and 15-degrees) that have slightly smaller heads and stronger lofts for the lower, more boring ball flight preferred by better players.

Callaway Fusion FT-Hybrid: The FT-Hybrids, Callaway's first using Fusion technology, will be available at retail on March 15, 2006, with an MSRP of $275 with graphite shaft or $250 with steel shaft.

The Fusion FT-Hybrid combines a stainless steel face, sole and body with a lightweight carbon composite crown, which results in weight being repositioned to the perimeter to increase the MOI. This means more stability and forgiveness.

In addition, golfers will be able to choose a model whose center-of-gravity position best fits their ball flight: Draw for players whose misses tend to slice and Neutral for those who lose it to the left.

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Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter

Have you ever looked down at the top of an Odyssey 2-Ball putter and though, "Gosh, I sure wish there three 'balls' on the top of my putter"? If you have, then the White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter might just be for you.

There are two obvious differences between the White Steel Tri-Ball SRT putter and all the 2-Ball versions. Both really jump out at the golfer.

First, the Tri-Ball has three alignment disks, or "balls," on the top of the putter head, insead of two. But the second difference is just as big: the "SRT" in the new Tri-Ball's name stands for "Saturn Ring Technology" and is a large alloy ring around the back of the putter head.

The result of the SRT is a center of gravity very deep and far removed from the face. The MOI, Callaway says, is "so high it all but eliminates twisting during the stroke and at impact."

The Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter is face balanced, has a half-shaft offset and is available in both right-and left-handed models in 33-, 34-, 35- and 36-inch lengths. It becomes available in pro shops on Feb. 1, 2006, and carries an MSRP of $249.

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Visit the Callaway Golf website for more info on these products.

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