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Hand Surgeon Gets a Grip on New Golf Glove Design

Bionic Golf Glove Wins Approval of Arthritis Foundation


Updated September 24, 2004
A new golf glove created by a noted hand surgeon is on the market from Hillerich & Bradsby, makers of the Louisville Slugger and PowerBilt golf equipment. The Bionic Golf Glove incorporates anatomical and ergonomic design features that its makers say increases comfort, control and durability.

And, as an added bonus, the Bionic Golf Glove has won the seal of approval of the Arthritis Foundation for its effects on those with arthritic hands.

The Bionic Golf Glove is the creation of Dr. Jim Kleinert, a highly respected orthopedic hand surgeons. Patented anatomical relief pads placed between the hand's bony prominences give wearers more control over their golf clubs, making them feel "one with the club," its makers say.

"The benefits come from the patented anatomical design of the gloves including pre-rotated fingers, motion zones, and anatomical relief pads," Dr. Kleinert said. "The pads are a key feature because they fill in the valleys of the fingers to give the golfer better contact with the club grip."

The Bionic Golf Glove is the first glove to receive the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation.

"Easy-to-use products can reduce stress on joints, and make everyday tasks easier for all people," said Dr. John H. Klippel, Arthritis Foundation president and CEO.

The Bionic Golf Glove is made of soft cabretta leather with a pre-rotated design, strategically placed anatomical relief pads and motion zones, features the company says aid comfort and durability.

"Palm padding helps unload stress on the hamate bone, where injuries frequently occur in sports that use a club, bat, or racquet," Dr. Kleinert said. "Pads in the fingers provide protection from blisters and calluses."

The technology in the golf glove - Bionic Technology, which is also the name of a new division with H&B - was first developed for hockey gloves, then evolved to catcher’s mitts and first base mitts in baseball, then batting gloves for baseball. A Bionic Gardening Glove is being launched nationally and has also received the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation.

Bionic Golf Gloves will be available online after Oct. 1, 2004, at www.bionicgloves.com for $24.95 plus shipping and handling. The gloves will soon be available to selected pro shops, golf specialty stores, and sporting goods retailers.

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