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Top 6 Gifts for a Golfer's Office


Do you need recommendations for golf gifts to give to that businessperson/golfer on your shopping list? Here are some gifts that work great for a golfer's office.

1. Framed Golf Photographs or Art

Golf lends itself to great photography. Think dew-covered golf courses at dawn, or a panaroma of a hole at a dramatic course such as Pebble Beach. And there is more golf art - paintings, primarily - out there than you might think. You can see a small sample by clicking the "compare prices" button. For many more ideas, search the web for "golf poster," "golf photographs," or "golf art." Some pro shops carry framed photos, too. Edwin Watts stores usually have a good selection.
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2. Antique Golf Equipment

Antique golf clubs and balls can be very expensive, if you are seeking a particularly rare item. But many golf balls from the 1890s to the 1930s can be had for good deals. And hickory-shafted golf clubs can be found without breaking the bank. Also, replicas make nice display items for much less expense. The "review" link takes you to an article by About.com Antiques Guide Pamela Wiggins that is a good introduction to golf antiques.

3. Pro Golf Memorabilia

Memorabilia includes autographed photos of stars from the past; programs from long-ago major championships; or even, if you're ambitious, clubs used by a superstar of yesteryear. Browse through the Golf listings in the Sports Memorabilia category at ebay.com to get a sense of what's out there. You might stumble across a fantastic deal.
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4. Golf Ball Display Case

Golf ball display cases, or shelves, hold anywhere from a dozen to 100 golf balls. They might be logo balls collected from golf courses visited, or any ball that has special significance. Most of them are built to be wall-mounted. You can also find display cases or plaques built to hold just a single ball - one used to record a hole-in-one.
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5. Putting Mat

It might be best if the person receiving this gift has the boss' office. Any businessperson who can get away with using a putting mat in his or her office is lucky, indeed. But we've known many office workers who keep a putter in their office; this is the logical next step.
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6. Scorecard Display

A scorecard display is similar to the golf ball display: it allows scorecards of special significance to be displayed in a formal manner. Sometimes that means a nice frame to be wall-mounted; other times it means a wooden display or a plaque. Do a web search for "golf scorecard display," "golf scorecard plaque," or "golf scorecard frame" to find ideas.
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