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Top Golf Board Games


We're using "board games" broadly here to include, in addition to what everyone thinks of as board games, also dice games and card games. Some of these games do require knowledge of golf, but not all do. But they all have a golf theme. These are a few of our favorites. Be sure to also check out the About.com Board Games Guide's selections by clicking the link under "Suggested Reading" at the bottom of this page.

1. Box of Golf

This game comes in an antique-looking hardwood box. Golf tees serve as playing pieces. It's played with dice over playing boards that depict golf holes. Players select clubs to use on each shot, a trajectory, and roll the dice; the results you use from the dice roll are impacted by the lie (fairway, bunker, etc.). Any golfer who enjoys board games is going to love this one. Many different versions available, from basic to deluxe to collector's.
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2. Monopoly - Golf Edition

No explanation needed here: It's Monopoly, but with golf properties replacing the normal Park Place, etc. Everyone knows how to play Monopoly; no golf knowledge required.
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3. Golo Golf Dice

"Golf in a cup," they call it. It's Golo, as in "go low." The game consists of 9 dice (each representing one hole), a dice cup, the rules of Golo, scorecards, and a pencil. Games can be customized to fit any number of players, or to be limited to a certain time period. But be careful - we've heard this game is addictive!
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4. David Leadbetter's Golf Game

This board game comes with master instructor David Leadbetter's name attached, so you can guess that it attempts to do more than just provide fun game play. This one involves the Rules of Golf plus golf tips from Leadbetter, so golfers might actually learn something, too. Not that easy to find anymore.

5. Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game - Golf

The "Worst Case Scenario" folks produced this board game that challenges golfers to get out of our worst-case predicaments. Say, a ball being carried off by a gopher or landing in a bird's nest. Manage to survive and you get to attempt a putt.
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6. Ultimate Golf Trivia Game

Think of it as a kind of "Trivial Pursuit" for golfers. More than 2,400 golf trivia questions are included and, just as in golf, the object is to shoot the lowest score for 18 "holes."

7. Gimme a Ruling Golf Board Game

Gimme A Ruling is a game you can play solo, or against an opponent, and it's all about the rules. If you know the Rules of Golf, you'll be a beast at Gimme A Ruling.
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