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Golf Carts

Guidelines, Manufacturers and Photos of Golf Carts


Golf carts are, depending on where you live, also known as golf cars and golf buggies, but "golf carts" is the standard. When we use the term "golf cart" here, we are referring to riding carts (as opposed to push or pull carts) unless otherwise noted.

Golf carts come in gas and electric versions, although electric is the more common. They are usually two-seaters on golf courses, with space for two golf bags. Below are resources for golfers interested in golf carts, including manufacturers, on-course safety and etiquette guidelines, and more. You can also submit photos of custom golf carts.

Golf Cart Safety

Golf Carts safety
Cameron Spencer / Getty Images
Yes, accidents happen on the cart paths of golf courses around the world. They happen more often than you might imagine, as a matter of fact. But staying safe while driving or riding in golf carts is pretty simple. Here are some guidelines.

Golf Cart Rules and Etiquette

golf carts - rules and etiquette
Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images
In addition to safety guidelines, there are other golf cart rules golfers should know and observe, things like the 90-degree rule, for example. This article goes over some of those rules, and also includes a few etiquette guidelines.

Custom Golf Carts Photos and Advice

custom golf carts
Photo © David and Carolyn Mauk
Some golfers who own their own golf carts like to dress them up, soup them up, trick them out, or otherwise customize them to reflect their owners' personality. If you own a custom golf cart, you can submit photos of it here and tell your story. If you're interested in buying one, read what other owners have written about the experience.

Are Golf Carts Bad For Your Health?

How many calories does the golfer burn walking the course rather than riding in a cart? Is the difference huge? Should everyone ditch the golf cart and switch to walking? Here's an article that summarizes health findings relating to golf.

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Golf Cart Manufacturers

Interested in researching golf carts for a possible purchase? Here are some of the golf cart manufacturers that have international or at least national dealer networks. Explore the different models and learn more about the companies.

How to Attach a Golf Bag to a Golf Cart

How to attach a golf bag to a golf cart
About.com Golf
This article is for newbies to the game of golf, and it explains (and shows in photos) how to secure your golf bag to the back of a golf cart before the start of a round of golf.

FAQ: Where can I drive the cart on a golf course?

This short article is from our Golf for Beginners FAQ. Where are you allowed to take golf carts on golf courses? Read on.

Cart News Index: Push Carts and More

golf carts - push carts and pull carts
Courtesy of the Bag Boy Company; used with permission
Browse through the headlines on our Golf Accessories page and you'll find articles about different types of push carts. Push carts are a scaled down version of golf carts: They are typically manual (pushed or pulled by the golfer), sometimes motorized, designed to transport one individual golfer's bag.
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