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Ping Golf's 2010 Lineup


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Ping Anser Irons
Ping Anser Irons
Courtesy of Ping Golf; used with permission
The Ping Anser is the company's first forged iron in decades. It carries the famous Ping brand name of Anser, named in honor of an early forged design by company founder Karsten Solheim.

These 2010 Ping Ansers have been on the market in Japan since early 2010, but now are launching in other markets. The clubheads are forged from 8620 steel and have tungsten soles and machined grooves. Although forged, they do incorporate multiple game-improvement standards such as a hollow sole cavity, lower center of gravity and progressive offset.

The Ping Anser irons come in 3-9 plus pitching wedge with Project X steel shafts stock. The MSRP is $190 per club.

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