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Ping Golf's 2010 Lineup


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Ping K15 Iron/Hybrid Set
Ping K15 Iron Hybrid Set
Courtesy of Ping Golf; used with permission
The super-game improvement Ping K15 iron/hybrid set is about options. The 5 and 6 clubs are available as either irons or as hybrids - which do you prefer? Create a set with 3 and 4 hybrids and 5-9 irons, or 3-6 hybrids and 7-9 irons.

The K15 irons have lightweight titanium faces on stainless steel bodies, with the weight saved in the face repositioned to the sole and perimeter. The hybrids, Ping says, are lower-spinning and help golfers achieve a higher launch.

The irons are available in 5-9, PW, U-wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge, and hybrids are available in 3H through 6H. The irons come with steel (AWT) or graphite (TFC 149i) shafts; the hybrids are available only with graphite shafts.

The MSRP is $136.25 per steel-shafted club or $155 per graphite-shafted club.

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