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New Equipment Gallery - Aug. 10, 2009


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Adams Idea a7 Hybrids and Hybrid Irons Set
Adams Idea a7 Hybrids and Hybrid Irons

The Adams Idea a7 hybrids and hybrid irons can be purchased seprately or as a blended set.

© Adams Golf; used with permission
The Adams Idea a7 hybrid iron sets consists of eight clubs - two hybrids and six irons. The two Idea a7 hybrids can be purchases seprately with an MSRP of $199.99 each; the 8-piece set carries an MSRP of $599.99 with steel shafts in the irons, or $699.99 with graphite shafts throughout.

The 8-piece set consists of the 3 and 4 hybrids, a 5-iron that Adams terms a "transition iron," and 6-PW. The set is aimed at mid-handicappers, the company says.

Adams says that the Idea a7 hybrids "take the best attributes from several generations of the Idea Pro hybrids to create a better blend of high-performance with forgiveness." The 5-iron, or "transition iron," has a hollowback design and a thinner face than previous Adams irons, and the company says it improves the gapping between the hybrids and the irons.

The 6-iron through pitching wedge have thinner toplines and soles and are designed to be more workable for better scoring opportunities.

The Adams Idea a7 hybrids come standard with UST Proforce AXIVCore Black 85-gram graphite shafts. For the irons, the stock steel shaft is the True Temper Performance Lite and the stock graphite is a UST. For more info, visit adamsgolf.com.

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