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Golf Gifts for the Golfer Who Has Everything


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Ladies and gentlemen - actually, just gentlemen - the makers of the UroClub are proud to offer a "golf club" designed for you to, ahem, pee in.

Seriously. Check uroclub.com: "A portable urinal ingeniously disguised as a club!" A cap on the "grip" unscrews, you "hide" behind the little towel, and, well, urinate into the "grip" of the club.

Now, I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone actually use the UroClub. I mean, look at that photo and ask yourself: Would I do that? And what would I think if I saw someone doing that?

We present the UroClub in this golf gifts guide as one of the ultimate gag gifts. Because if you're a golfer, you probably know guys who are a little too free with the pee off the tee. Just off the tee: Behind a tree, behind a few bushes. You might even be that golfer.

Then there are those guys who just whip it out anywhere on the course if they think nobody is looking. I once saw a gentleman (using the term loosely) unzip and let it rip right on a paved cart path, no trees or bushes anywhere around, because, presumably, he thought nobody else was on that part of the course. That man could have used the UroClub.

Actually, that man could have used some manners. Or an appreciation for societal norms. Or a good old-fashioned whuppin'.

So: Want to send somebody a message? Want to give them some laughs? Want to give them a gag gift? Visit uroclub.com.

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