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Michelle Beadle on the Tee


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Time for Golf
Michelle Beadle on the set of SportsNation on ESPN2

Michelle Beadle on the set of "SportsNation," which airs weekdays on ESPN2.

Courtesy of ESPN
Michelle Beadle is one of the rising stars of sports broadcasting, the energetic, enthusiastic cohost of ESPN2's SportsNation with Colin Cowherd. The show airs weekdays on ESPN2 at 4 p.m. ET (learn more about SportsNation on ESPN.com, or follow Michelle on Twitter). Beadle can also be seen on ABC's Winner's Bracket with Marcellus Wiley. She's known as a football expert, but we asked her to talk golf. Beadle spoke with About.com Golf correspondent Todd Berman on Oct. 13, 2010.

On your Twitter bio you list that you love basketball, waterfalls and (your dog) Leroy Jenkins, but no mention of golf – what gives?
I feel bad – I love to play the game. Right now I'm not great at it but love trying. When I am playing I'm always asking myself "why am I not doing this more often?" When I get better at the game it'll be on there.

Our most popular sports - and sports programming - become louder, faster and more in-your-face all the time. Yet golf is a sport where etiquette is stressed, where course officials hold up "quiet" signs, and where broadcasters speak in hushed tones. Is that a problem for golf in the current sports and media environments?
I don't think so. That's what makes golf different and great. Yes, we're being inundated with noise – but it serves to spotlight the contrast that there is nothing better than a hushed crowd and hushed announcers in a close match.

What got you interested in playing golf and when?
When I was about 13 and went out with my Dad – I parred a hole. I thought, "hey, no big deal." My whole family played the game and as I spent more time at it I found it frustrating, somewhat.

With such a hectic schedule where do you find time to get out and play? How long does an average round take you?
An average round takes about 4 hours – I’ll usually play only with just another person. I always go to the range. Maybe once or twice a week. The clubs are always in the trunk and I try to get in an hour at the range – especially if the weather is nice. Hoping to get down to Tampa in November and play down there ... y’know, start the day with a Bloody Mary.

While SportsNation is very interactive are you able to limit use of the Blackberry and Twitter on the course? Would you play on a course that prohibits cellphone use?
At the range I try not to take the phone. On the course I may take it, but only to have if I'm expecting an important call. Yes, I'd play a course that prohibits cellphones. I can live without it.

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