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How to Mark a Golf Scorecard


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Stroke Play, Denoting Birdies and Bogeys (Circles and Squares)
Golf Scorecard - Stroke Play - Birdies and Bogeys

Marking the scorecard and using circles and squares to denote birdies and bogeys.


Some golfers notice that on pro golf broadcasts, and on some websites where the scorecards of tour players are re-created, those cards include some holes where the stroke total has been circled or squared. The circles represent below-par holes and the squares above-par holes. A score that is neither circled nor squared is a par.

We're not fans of this method, because it creates a sloppy scorecard. But especially for beginners and mid- and high-handicap golfers, it's pretty pointless. After all, if you're in these categories, you won't be making many (or probably any) birdies; you might not even be making many pars. Your scorecard will be full of nothing but numbers with squares around them.

But because it's a PGA Tour thing, some golfers like to do it this way. So one circle represents a birdie, and a score circled twice represents an eagle or better. One square represents a bogey, while a score with two squares drawn around it represents a double-bogey or worse.

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