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How to Tend the Flagstick


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Tending the Flagstick
How to Tend the Flagstick

One golfer tends the flagstick for his playing partner, who is putting from across the green.

Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images
It is a no-no - you'll incur a penalty - to putt the golf ball into the hole with the flagstick still in the hole (important note: only when putting from the surface of the green). So you'll want to take the flagstick out of the cup before putting, right?

But what if doing so makes it difficult to see the hole? That's where a caddie or fellow-competitor or even an opponent - someone else in your group of golfers - can be of service. And that's where you can help out your playing partners, too, by tending the flagstick.

Tending the flagstick is pretty simple, but there are a couple etiquette issues you need to be careful about.

Step 1: Approach the flagstick and take hold of it, standing at arm's length. Be aware of the different players' putting lines, making sure that you are not walking across or standing in anyone else's putting line.

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