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How to Read Pin Sheets


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Golf Tournament Pin Sheets
LPGA 4-Hole Pin Sheet

A closer look at four holes from a tournament pin sheet. This one was used on the LPGA Tour.

Courtesy of the LPGA Tour
The pin sheet example on this page is one that golfers might, occasionally, encounter at a golf course during a non-tournament round. But golfers are most likely to encounter this type of pin chart when playing tournaments. The outtake above is from an LPGA Tour event.

The first thing you'll notice about this example is the greens are represented by circles; there is no attempt to show the actual shape of the green. Also, no hazards are represented. What we have are perfect circles, with one straight horizontal line and one straight vertical line, and some numbers.

How do we make sense of this?

First, the small numbers to the left of each circle are the hole numbers, so we are looking (clockwise) at holes 1, 7, 8, 2. The handwritten number to the left of each green is the depth of the green in paces. Hole 7 (upper right) is 42 paces deep from front to back.

The vertical line that starts from the 6 o'clock position and goes up halfway up also has a number next to it. That number tells us how far from the front of the green the hole is cut. For Hole 7, the cup is 27 paces from the front of the green.

And the horizonal line tells you how far from the edge of the green the flag is positioned. For Hole 7, the flag is 6 paces from the edge. We also know that it is 6 paces from the right edge because the "6" is written to the right of the vertical line (or put another way, the "6" is written in the right half of the circle, closest to the right edge).

Now, look at Hole 2 above (lower left). What do we know about this green? We know it is 29 paces deep; we know that the cup is 9 paces from the front edge; and we know that the cup is 7 paces from the left edge.

In the pin chart for Hole 1 above, notice that "CTR" is written above the horizontal line in place of a number. That means the cup is in the "center" of the green from left-to-right. So for Hole 1, we know that the green is 34 paces deep; that the cup is 29 paces from the front edge and centered from left-to-right.

So this type of pin sheet looks a little more complicated at first glance - and it is a little more complicated - but it does provide more precise measurements in terms of yardage. In fact, you can take this information and know exactly how many yards you have to the flagstick from a position back in the fairway. More about that on the following page. (continue to next page)

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