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How to Read Pin Sheets


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Hole Location Chart
Hole Locations Chart

A hole location chart that shows the different sections of each green that can be used for pin positions.

Courtesy of The Club at Pointe West
The type of pin sheet represented by the image above is typically referred to as a "hole location chart." The purpose of a hole location chart of this type is not to show you the specific location of the hole on each green, but the general location.

Note that each of the greens above is divided into six segments, marked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. We know, therefore, that this particular golf course rotates its hole locations among six different sectors of each of its putting greens. But how do you know which sector is in use on the day you are playing? The golf course will tell you.

Courses that use this type of hole location chart inform golfers which location is in use each day. They might do this at check-in, verbally: "Here's the hole location chart, we're using position 3 today." Also typical is placing a sign at the first tee to inform golfers which hole location is being used on that day. Signs might be placed elsewhere, too, including inside motorized golf carts.

So, you have your hole location chart and you've been informed that location No. 3 is in use today. Look at Hole No. 7 on the chart above and find location 3. Now you know that the pin in located back-right on Hole 7. If you played that same hole on day when hole location 5 was in use, you'd know that the pin was front-left.

So you still learn whether the flagstick is back, front or middle; left, right or center; and you still get an idea of how to approach the shot into the green. Also note that below each green in the image above, this course also informs its players how deep the green is. Sticking with Hole No. 7, we know that green is 37 paces from front to back. (continue to next page)

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