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Meet the Golf Course


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Other Golf Course Elements
Driving Range

The driving range is one of the other elements sometimes found at golf courses.

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Driving range/practice areas: Many, but not all, golf courses have both a driving range and a practice putting green. Some also have a practice bunkers. Golfers can use these areas to warm up and practice before teeing off on the golf course.

Cart paths: Prepared, often paved, pathways for the use of motorized golf carts.

Out of bounds: "Out of bounds" areas are often outside the golf course itself; for example, on the other side of a fence marking the boundary of the course. But "out of bounds" areas are sometimes found within golf courses; they are areas from which you should not play. Hitting the ball out of bounds is a 1-stroke penalty and the shot must be replayed from the original location. Out-of-bounds areas are usually marked by white stakes or a white line on the ground. Also check the scorecard for info.

Ground under repair: A part of the golf course that is temporarily unplayable due to repairs or maintenance issues. Typically, white lines are painted on the ground around a "GUR" to designate it, and you are allowed to remove your ball from the area.

Starter's shack: Also known as a "starter's hut." If a course has one, it's somewhere near the first teeing ground. And if a course has one, you should visit it before teeing off. The "starter" who occupies the starter's shack calls groups to the first tee when it is their turn to begin play.

Restrooms: Yes, many golf courses provide restrooms for golfers out on the course. But not all!

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