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How to Attach Your Golf Bag to the Golf Cart


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The Back of the Cart
How to attach a golf bag to a golf cart
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Attaching a golf bag to the golf cart so that the bag rides securely is very simple. But if you've never been to a golf course before, there are many things about the experience that you might wonder about beforehand. Even if you've played golf before, you might be preparing to use a riding cart for the first time.

So first-things-first: the golf bag goes into the slots on the back of the golf cart. There is room for two bags between the wheel covers on either side of the rear of the cart.

See the black straps hanging from the plastic bar? That's one strap for each bag. Each strap wraps around a bag and is secured by the "buckle" on the end of the plastic bar (the buckle on the left side is in the open position; the one on the right is not visible because it is in the closed position).

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