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Golf FAQs

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Golf


Our Golf FAQs are designed to answer some of some of the most frequently asked questions from beginners and veteran golfers alike. If you don't find the topic you're looking for, try posting your question in the Golf Forums, where golfers of all skill levels may be able to help.

Beginners FAQ
Our Beginners FAQ addresses questions from golf newbies about such things as costs, etiquette, basic rules, dress codes and so on.

Golf Rules FAQ
The Golf Rules FAQ answers questions about sticky rules situations.

Golf Clubs FAQ
Moment of inertia, COR, center of gravity, gear effect ... what does it all mean? Check out the Golf Clubs FAQ.

Golf Shafts FAQ
Steel shaft or graphite shaft? How are shafts made? What qualities of shafts affect the shot? Find the answers to these questions and many more.

Golf Course FAQ
Questions about various aspects of golf courses, including things you'll run into while playing them, and do's and don'ts.

Tiger Woods FAQ
Everything you want to know about Tiger Woods - and probably a few things you don't!

Golf History FAQ
The Golf History FAQ peers back in the past - sometimes the very remote past of the game.

PGA Tour Records
Browse these pages on PGA Tour records to find out bests (and some worsts) relating to scoring, wins, Top 10s, cuts, youngest and oldest, and more.

The Masters FAQ
Why do winners get the Green Jacket? How do you get tickets? Find answers to these and many more Masters questions.

U.S. Open FAQ
How do you get into a local qualifier? Has a local qualifier ever won the U.S. Open? Who holds the scoring records? Plus many more.

British Open FAQ
Questions and answers related to the oldest of them all, the Open Championship.

PGA Championship FAQ
Find out who hit the first shot in tournament history, who won the most times, the cut rule and playoff format, and more about the PGA.

Ryder Cup FAQ
Which golfers have the best - and worst - Ryder Cup records? For whom is the competition named? And more questions about the event.

Solheim Cup FAQ
Learn about the competition formats and captains, trophy and team selection, plus player bests and worsts.

Presidents Cup FAQ
Here is a short set of questions about the biennial Presidents Cup matches, focusing on the event's history and format.

Golf Handicap FAQ
How does the USGA Handicap System work? Our Golf Handicap FAQ offers answers to questions on that front.

Most Popular FAQ Articles
Where did the word "golf" come from? Does it mean "gentlemen only, ladies forbidden"?
What are the odds of making a hole-in-one?
Has there ever been a hole-in-one on a par-5?
What are the odds of making a double-eagle?
What is the lowest 18-hole score ever recorded?
What are the highest scores by pro golfers on a single hole?
What is the PGA Tour cut rule?
What does 'MDF' mean in golf scores?
What are sponsor exemptions?
What is Monday qualifying?
What is an 'opposite-field tournament'?
Which golfers have earned 'battlefield promotions'?
What are PGA Tour slow play rules and penalties?
Who are the last amateur winners on the PGA, European and LPGA tours?
How do LPGA Tour golfers qualify for the Hall of Fame?
Who is the youngest major championship winner?
Who is the youngest golfer to shoot his age?
What does it mean to "press the bet"?
Should rakes be placed inside or outside of bunkers?
Do golfers playing as singles have any standing on the course?
Why are 'skins' - as in The Skins Game - called what they are?
Why is the golf hole the size that it is?
Are yardages listed to the front or center of the greens?
What do red, yellow and white stakes or lines mean on a golf course?
Who - and how much - should I tip at the golf course?
What is swingweight, and does every golfer need to be concerned with it?
Why is "closest to the pin" abbreviated as "KP"?
What do the numbers on a golf ball mean?
Does a "whiff" count as a stroke?
What are the yardage guidelines for par 3s, par 4s and par 5s?
How is handicap index calculated?
What is "slope rating"?
How far am I supposed to hit each club?
Why are golf courses 18 holes in length?

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