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Arnold Palmer

Facts, Figures and Much More about The King


Arnold Palmer is one of the most popular golfers of all-time, one of the world's legendary sportsmen. Below are features and articles about "Arnie" here on About.com.

Arnold Palmer Biography

Arnold Palmer
Photo by John Brown
Start with this brief biographical profile of The King. It focuses on his achievements on the golf course and includes an overview of his PGA Tour and major championship accomplishments.

Arnold Palmer Quizzes

Arnold Palmer 1965
Central Press / Hulton Archive / Getty Images
Just how much do you know about the great golf legend? We have two trivia quizzes here that will test your Arnie knowledge. They include a mix of easy and difficult questions, so even if you don't get the answers right you might learn some interesting facts along the way.

Arnold Palmer Drink

Have you ever enjoyed an Arnold Palmer? The beverage, we mean. There's a "mocktail" - a mixed drink that does not have alcohol - called the "Arnold Palmer." But before you try to order one, you better know what's in it. And if you already know what's in an Arnold Palmer, then we still have a little history for you, including how it got its name.

Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament

PGA Tour Arnold Palmer Invitational
Photo courtesy of the World Golf Hall of Fame; used with permission
Every year on the PGA Tour, a tournament takes place at Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Florida, the golf club owned by Arnold Palmer. It was long known as the Bay Hill Invitational, but was renamed to honor Palmer. Learn more about the tournament, including all of its winners.

Arnold Palmer and Bay Hill

Arnold Palmer at Bay Hill Club in 1965
Courtesy of Bay Hill Club and Lodge; used with permission
Bay Hill Club and Lodge near Orlando, Fla., is where Arnold Palmer calls home these days. He first visited the club in 1965 for an exhibition match, fell in love with it and decided he wanted to own it. Check out several photos of Arnie's very first visit to Bay Hill, and read about his long relationship with that course.

Arnold Palmer in The Masters

Arnold Palmer in the 1987 Masters
David Cannon / Getty Images
Everyone knows that Palmer won The Masters four times; in fact, he was the first 4-time Masters champ. But on this page you can learn how Arnie fared in every Masters that he played - all 50 of them.

Arnold Palmer in the US Open

Palmer first played in the U.S. Open in 1953, and last played in 1994. Here is the year-by-year list of Palmer's finishes in the tournament.

Q&A: Arnold Palmer Says Farewell to The Masters

Palmer played in The Masters 50 consecutive years, beginning in 1955 and ending in 2004. Here is the transcript of Arnold's press conference following the conclusion of his final round of golf in The Masters.

Arnold Palmer Plaque at Augusta National

Arnold Palmer Plaque at Augusta National Golf Club
David Cannon / Getty Images
Arnold Palmer has a special relationship with Augusta National Golf Club - he's a member there, and he's a four-time Masters champion there. So it's fitting that Augusta has honored Palmer. Take a look at the commemorative plaque and read the text that appears on it.

Arnold Palmer Indoor Golf Game

Arnold Palmer Indoor Golf Game
Images courtesy Classic Golf Gifts
Part of our piece on unusual golf gifts, this page provides details about the Arnold Palmer Indoor Golf Game. It's a game (the uses and Arnie action figure!) that originally debuted in the 1960s, but is now being licensed and manufactured again.

Arnie on the Swilcan Bridge

Arnold Palmer stands atop the Swilcan Bridge at St. Andrews and waves goodbye to the Open Championship in his final British Open appearance.
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