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Arnold Palmer Trivia Quizzes


Arnold Palmer 1987 Masters

Think you know your Arnold Palmer trivia? Try one of the two quizzes listed to the left.

David Cannon / Getty Images
If you think you know Arnold Palmer trivia, we have a couple quizzes to test your knowledge. Our quizzes include questions with varying degrees of difficulty, and the two Arnold Palmer quizzes listed below cover different aspects of his life and career. Choose the quiz you'd like to try:

Quiz: Arnold Palmer's Golf Career
There's a lot to cover when talking about Arnie's achievements on the golf course. This quiz offers 18 questions about his accomplishments, from his earliest days as a pro golfer to the end of his playing career.

Quiz: Arnold Palmer Off the Course
The 10 questions in this quiz pertain to facts about the golfer other than this playing accomplishments: His personal background, nicknames, business, etc.

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