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Rules of Amateur Status


The Rules of Amateur Status are part of the official Rules of Golf, as maintained by the USGA and R&A. The Rules of Amateur Status appear here courtesy of the United States Golf Association. These rules are used with permission of the USGA, and may not be duplicated or reprinted without the express permission of the USGA. (Note: Any questions about or requests for clarification of any rules of amateur status should be addressed directly to the USGA.)

The United States Golf Association reserves the right to change the Rules of Amateur Status and to make and change the interpretations of the Rules of Amateur Status at any time.

In the Rules of Amateur Status, the gender used in relation to any person is understood to include both genders.

Rule 1: Amateurism
Rule 2: Professionalism
Rule 3: Prizes
Rule 4: Expenses
Rule 5: Instruction
Rule 6: Use of Golf Skill or Reputation
Rule 7: Other Conduct Incompatible with Amateurism
Rule 8: Procedure for Enforcement of the Rules
Rule 9: Reinstatement of Amateur Status
Rule 10: Committee Decision

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