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Rules of Golf - Rule 26: Water Hazards - About.com
Rule 26: Water Hazards (Including Lateral Water Hazards) ... a ball that has not been found after having been struck toward a water hazard is in the hazard.
What Is a Water Hazard in Golf? - About.com
Water hazard boundaries should be defined by yellow stakes or lines (later water hazards by red stakes or lines). Those boundaries often extend out a few feet ...
Water Hazards (Meet the Golf Course) - About.com
Meet the golf course: Say hello to water hazards and lateral water hazards, common sites for golfers.
Line and Stake Color Meanings on Golf Courses - About.com
Here are green and yellow stakes next to a water hazard. Do you know ... That's why lateral water hazards are handled differently than "normal" water hazards.
Lateral Water Hazard - Golf - About.com
Why do the rules differentiate between water hazards and lateral water hazards? With a "regular" water hazard (that is, one that is not lateral), one of the options ...
Hazard - Definition of Golf Course Hazards - About.com
Note that water hazards (including lateral water hazards) don't have to actually have water in them to count as hazards. Water hazards should be denoted on the  ...
What Do Yellow Stakes and Lines Mean on a Golf Course?
... a water hazard. (Lateral water hazards are marked by red stakes/lines.) ... Golfers can try to play out of a water hazard, and sometimes that's easy to do. If a ball ...
Lateral Water Hazard - Definition from the Rules of Golf
This is the official definition of "lateral water hazard" as it appears in the Official Rules of Golf.
Water Hazards at Oak Tree Golf Club - About.com
This photo shows one of the many water hazards around the golf course at Oak Tree Golf Club.
Golf Rules: Rules 23 Through 26 at a Glance - About.com
Rule 26: Water Hazards. Water hazard margins are identified by yellow stakes or lines. Lateral water hazard margins are identified by red stakes or lines.
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