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Course Rating - What is USGA Course Rating? - Golf
From the Golf FAQ, the About Golf Guide answers the question, "What is course rating?"
Questions and Answers about the USGA Golf Handicap System
This golf handicap FAQ covers the USGA Handicap System. If you run into terms you don't understand, check the Golf Handicap Glossary. To compute your ...
Definition of USGA Slope Rating - Golf - About.com
This definition explains what USGA Slope Rating is in golf.
USGA Course Handicap - Golf - About.com
What is a USGA Course Handicap? Read this definition from the About.com Golf Glossary for an explanation and more resources.
USGA Tournaments - Schedule of USGA Golf Championships
Find the schedule of USGA national championship tournaments for the current year.
How are USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating Determined?
From the Golf FAQ, the About Golf Guide looks at how the USGA determines course rating and slope rating.
How to Get a Golf Handicap - USGA Handicapping System
How does a golfer go about getting a USGA golf handicap index? Read this FAQ on the subject for the answer.
Golf Handicaps - An Overview of Golf Handicaps - About.com
Get an overview of the USGA Handicap System and how golf handicaps help the game of golf.
Course Rating Definition in Golf - About.com
What does Course Rating mean in golf? It is an important part of the USGA Handicap System. Read the definition here.
Handicap Index in Golf - About.com
A USGA Handicap Index is a numeral, to one decimal place, that represents a golfer's potential for scoring. A handicap index of 14.5, for example, indicates that  ...
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