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US Open Golf Courses: All the Places It's Been Played - About.com
Here is a year-by-year list, going back to 1895, of golf courses that have hosted the U.S. Open (future sites, announced in advance, are included). (Click on the ...
2014 US Open Golf Tournament
Check out the final scores from the 2014 US Open golf tournament, and read a recap of how the tournament was won.
2015 US Open Golf Tournament
Find out where and when the 2015 US Open golf tournament takes place, along with qualifying criteria.
US Open Golf Tournament (Facts, History, Lists, Trivia)
The U.S. Open golf tournament is one of the four golf majors, and it is the one run by the United States Golf Association, one of golf's two governing bodies.
2012 US Open Golf Tournament
Find out where and when the 2012 US Open golf tournament takes place, along with qualifying criteria.
US Open Golf Tournament Winners - List - About.com
View a list of past champions, going back to 1895, of the U.S. Open golf championship.
How to Get US Open Golf Tickets - About.com
How do you get tickets to attend the US Open golf tournament? Is it easy or very difficult? Are the tickets expensive? Here are the answers to those questions, ...
How Can I Qualify for the US Open Golf Tournament? - About.com
Answer: Any professional golfer, or any amateur with a USGA men's handicap index of 1.4 or lower, can attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open golf tournament.
US Open Golf Tournament Trivia Quizzes
Think you know a lot about the U.S. Open golf tournament? Then try your hand at one of these trivia quizzes.
2011 US Open Golf Tournament
Read a recap of the 2011 U.S. Open golf tournament and view the list of final scores.
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