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Where Should You Leave the Rake After a Bunker? - Golf - About.com
Answer: When you're finished raking a bunker, what do you do with the rake? Do you place it inside or outside the bunker? Are there rules or guidelines that ...
How to Rake Sand Bunkers on a Golf Course - About.com
Yes, there is a proper way to rake a sand bunker on the golf course. Learn how in this step-by-step guide.
Is it OK to Take Rake Into Bunker Before Playing Shot?
Yes, it's OK to carry the rake into a bunker, so long as you don't use the rake to test the condition of the sand before playing your shot. Andrew Redington / Getty  ...
How to Make Marbling Combs and Rakes - Quilting - About.com
It's easy to make your own combs and rakes for hand marbling. We'll show you how.
Leaf Rakes - Landscaping - About.com
Are there advantages to using leaf rakes versus using vacuums? You bet, and the benefits go beyond the extra exercise you'll get.
Leaf Rakes vs. Blow and Vac Equipment - Landscaping - About.com
Leaf rakes are the traditional equipment for removing lawn debris. This article explores when they should be used to supplement blow 'n' vac equipment.
Garden Rakes - Choosing the Right Rake for Your Garden
Every gardener and home owner needs at least two garden rakes. Yard rakes will help you get fall's leaves out of your gardens and also collect all your garden  ...
Leaf Blowers, Vacuums & Even Rakes - Gardening - About.com
Cleaning up fallen leaves is an inevitable garden chore for most of us. New leaf vacuums, blowers and improved lawn rakes can make the job easier.
Fall Leaf Clean-up Help - Leaf Rakes, Blowers ... - Gardening
Leaf Rakes, Blowers/Vacuums and Shredders. Fall Leaf Clean-up Help ... Some gardeners wonder if it is even necessary to rake leaves. Won't the leaves just ...
Leveling Ground for Landscape Fabrics - Using Steel Rakes
Learn how to use steel rakes to level ground for landscape fabrics. With these rakes, you can even out garden soil, removing unwanted objects.
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