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PGA Tour Records and the Golfers Who Set Them
Find out who holds the most important PGA Tour records with this run through the tour recordbook.
PGA Tour Scoring Record - Lowest 72 Hole Stroke Total
What is the lowest 72-hole stroke total ever shot on the PGA Tour? Here is the record plus the runners-up.
Longest Consecutive Cut Streaks - PGA Tour Records
This record is for the most consecutive tournaments played on the PGA Tour without missing a cut. Tournaments that did not have a cut (such as short-field ...
Most Consecutive Wins on the PGA Tour - Golf - About.com
Here is the list of the longest winning streaks on the PGA Tour, the most tournaments wons in a row. ... PGA Tour. PGA Tour Records: Longest Winning Streaks.
PGA Tour Records: Fewest Putts in One 18-Hole Round - Golf
Find out the PGA Tour record for fewest putts taken in one round on tour.
Most Consecutive Birdies to Win a Tournament on PGA Tour
This record is for most consecutive birdies at the end of a tournament to win that event on the PGA Tour. For example, a golfer birdies the last six holes of the ...
Most Consecutive Birdies in a PGA Tour Tournament
PGA Tour Records: Most Birdies in a Row ... The record for most consecutive birdies in a PGA Tour event is nine, and several others have recorded eight straight ...
Golfers Who Won a PGA Tour Tournament in Most Consecutive Years
What is the record for most consecutive years winning on the PGA Tour - winning at least once each year? Here's the answer.
Record for Most Birdies in a PGA Tour Tournament (72 Holes)
Find out which golfer holds the record for most birdies in a 72-hole tournament on the PGA Tour.
Lowest 9 Hole Score on PGA Tour - Scoring Record - Golf - About.com
What is the 9-hole scoring record on the PGA Tour? Find out!
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