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How to Speed Up Your Pace of Play on the Golf Course - About.com
A good pace of play is an important element of having a good time on the golf course. Here are some pointers on improving your own pace-of-play performance.
Tips for Fighting Slow Play at the Golf Course - About.com
Slow play is a problem at golf courses around the world. ... Ways to Improve Pace of Play ... Here are some tips for speeding up slow play on the golf course:.
How to Speed Up Play - Tips for Fighting Slow Play on the Golf Course
What is the best tip you would give to newcomers to golf about pace of play? What do's and don'ts would you share with newbies about pace of place? Let's hear ...
LPGA Leads the Way in Fighting Slow Play - Golf - About.com
Slow play affects golfers everywhere, but there's one pro tour doing ... the PGA Tour - and the rest of us - could learn something from the LPGA's pace of play rules.
PGA Tour Slow Play Rules and Penalties - Golf - About.com
The PGA Tour has a slow play policy that could result in a player being penalized strokes. Read about the pace of play rule and potential penalties on tour.
Do Singles Have the Right to Play Through? - Golf - About.com
In the "Pace of Play" section: "It is a group's responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If it loses a clear hole and it is delaying the group behind, it should  ...
How Long Does It Take to Play a Round of Golf? - About.com
It's important for newcomers to golf to learn how to maintain a good pace of play, and for veteran golfers to help pass along those habits to newbies.
Rules of Golf - Rule 6: The Player
6-7. Undue Delay; Slow Play The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish.
Golf Course Marshal: Definition and Duties - About.com
A "marshal" on a golf course is an individual whose job it is to patrol a golf course , keeping the pace of play up and responding to golfers' questions or concerns.
Golf Etiquette and Rules - About.com
Always try to keep pace with the group ahead of you. If space opens in front of you, allow a faster group to play through. • When two players in a cart hit to ...
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