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Match Play Scoring: How the Scorekeeping Works (Golf) - About.com
At root, match play scoring is very simple: Golfers compete hole by hole, and the golfer who wins the most holes wins the match. But match play competitions can  ...
Match Play Rules, Scoring, Formats, and Terms - Golf - About.com
Need an introduction to golf match play? This Match Play Primer, from the About. com Golf Guide, includes information about rules, competition formats, strategy ...
Match Play Golf Tournament Formats - About.com
What are the most common match play formats in golf, and how are they played? Here's a tip sheet for beginners.
Golf Rules: Match Play vs Stroke Play
Match play is a very different game of golf from stroke play. How do the rules differ? Find out in this primer.
Match Play - Definition for Golf - About.com
Match play can be played by individuals or by teams. Through the early history of golf, most golf tournaments and matches were played as match play; today, ...
Rules of Golf - Rule 2: Match Play
2-1. General A match consists of one side playing against another over a stipulated round unless otherwise decreed by the Committee. In match play the game ...
Dormie - Definition of Golf Match Play Term Dormie - About.com
"Dormie" is a match play term. In match play, a match is said to reach "dormie" when one of the golfers achieves a lead that matches the number of holes ...
Golf Scorecard: Match Play
How do you mark a golf scorecard when playing match play? Here is an example and explanation.
Match Play - Golf Strategies and Rules - About.com
In stroke play, the golfer plays against the golf course and a large field of other golfers. In match play, the golfer plays directly against another golfer.
Match Play Golf - What Is Match Play? Video
Match play is one of the main forms of competition in golf. It pits one player against another, rather than one player against the field. Watch a demonstration and ...
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