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Lost Ball - Definition from the Rules of Golf - About.com
This is the official definition of "lost ball" as it appears in the Official Rules of Golf.
Golf Rules Simple and Plain: Balls Lost and Unplayable
Golf balls that are lost or unplayable are covered in this section of our Golf Rules Simple and Plain featue.
Rules of Golf - Rule 27: Ball Lost Out of Bounds
27-1. Stroke and Distance; Ball Out of Bounds; Ball Not Found Within Five Minutes • a. Proceeding Under Stroke and Distance At any time, a player may, under ...
Time Limit On Searching for Lost Ball in Golf - About.com
Is there a time limit on searching for a lost golf ball? Yes, and you must find your ball within that limit or it is considered lost.
Golf Rules FAQ: Ball Thought to be Lost Found in Hole After Playing ...
When you get up to the green, you can't find your ball anywhere. You search, but eventually are forced to take the lost-ball penalty of stroke-plus-distance.
Definition of Provisional Ball in Golf - About.com
What is a provisional ball in golf? Read the definition of this term, which golfers sometimes use when they fear a lost ball.
Provisional Ball - Procedure with Provisional Ball in Golf If Original ...
This means that even if you were willing to take a lost-ball penalty and continue with the provisional, you may not do so. The original ball must be played if found  ...
Getting Your Round of Golf Started - About.com
The same applies to lost balls. If your shot goes deep into the woods, the penalty for a lost ball is stroke-plus-distance, so hit a provisional. (Balls hit into water ...
Common Penalties in the Rules of Golf - About.com
Golf ball dropping in water trap - Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images. Comstock/ Stockbyte/Getty ... Ball Lost or Out of Bounds (Rule 27-1) Stroke plus distance.
How to Proceed When Your Golf Ball Is Stuck In a Tree - About.com
There are three options for continuing play when your ball gets stuck in a tree: play the ball as it lies; declare the ball unplayable; or proceed under a lost ball ...
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