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Lost Ball - Definition from the Rules of Golf - About.com
This is the official definition of "lost ball" as it appears in the Official Rules of Golf.
Golf Rules Simple and Plain: Balls Lost and Unplayable
Golf balls that are lost or unplayable are covered in this section of our Golf Rules Simple and Plain featue.
Rules of Golf - Rule 27: Ball Lost Out of Bounds - About.com
27-1. Stroke and Distance; Ball Out of Bounds; Ball Not Found Within Five Minutes • a. Proceeding Under Stroke and Distance At any time, a player may, under ...
Time Limit On Searching for Lost Ball in Golf - About.com
Is there a time limit on searching for a lost golf ball? Yes, and you must find your ball within that limit or it is considered lost.
Golf Rules FAQ: Ball Thought to be Lost Found in Hole After Playing ...
Question: I found my "lost ball" in the cup - but after hitting second ball; which counts? Answer: Here's the scenario: You play a stroke into a green; maybe it's a  ...
Definition of Provisional Ball in Golf - About.com
What is a provisional ball in golf? Read the definition of this term, which golfers sometimes use when they fear a lost ball.
Provisional Ball - Procedure with Provisional Ball in Golf If Original ...
This means that even if you were willing to take a lost-ball penalty and continue with the provisional, you may not do so. The original ball must be played if found  ...
Getting Your Round of Golf Started - About.com
The same applies to lost balls. If your shot goes deep into the woods, the penalty for a lost ball is stroke-plus-distance, so hit a provisional. (Balls hit into water ...
Common Penalties in the Rules of Golf - About.com
Golf ball dropping in water trap - Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images. Comstock/ Stockbyte/Getty ... Ball Lost or Out of Bounds (Rule 27-1) Stroke plus distance.
How to Proceed When Your Golf Ball Is Stuck In a Tree - About.com
There are three options for continuing play when your ball gets stuck in a tree: play the ball as it lies; declare the ball unplayable; or proceed under a lost ball ...
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