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Golf Rules Simple and Plain: Balls Lost and Unplayable - About.com
Golf balls that are lost or unplayable are covered in this section of our Golf Rules Simple and Plain featue.
Getting Your Round of Golf Started - About.com
The same applies to lost balls. If your shot goes deep into the woods, the penalty for a lost ball is stroke-plus-distance, so hit a provisional. (Balls hit into water ...
Golf: TPC Sawgrass - 17th Hole Records
What are the bests and worsts on the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass during The Players Championships? Check out records for most balls in the water, highest ...
Rules of Golf - Rule 27: Ball Lost Out of Bounds - About.com
If a ball is lost as a result of not being found or identified as his by the player within five minutes after the player's side or his or their caddies have begun to ...
Definition of Provisional Ball in Golf - About.com
If the original ball really is lost or OB, the provisional is played with a ... And note that provisional balls are not an option when dealing with water hazards.
Golf Rules FAQ: Ball Thought to be Lost Found in Hole After Playing ...
I found my "lost ball" in the cup - but after hitting second ball; which counts? By Brent Kelley ... Important: This applies only to balls that are holed. If you lose a ...
Review of the RadarGolf Ball Positioning System - About.com
RadarGolf's Ball Positioning System is a handheld unit that it sort of like a metal detector for lost golf balls; it helps golfers track down the RadarGolf balls, which ...
Golf Rules - Playing a Provisional Ball Video
Provisional balls in golf are only meant to be used in very specific ... or a third shot, where you think the golf ball might be lost, or in the same situation, tee shot or ...
Footgolf: Golf Played with a Soccer Ball and Your Feet - About.com
Another reason is that there are far fewer lost balls in footgolf than in traditional golf. A soccer ball is much easier to keep an eye on, after all. (Also, shots in ...
Golf Cheating - Worst Examples of Golf Cheating - About.com
No ob, no lost balls ever. ... He was also guilty of dropping balls out of his pocket when he couldn't find the one he hit...but that paled in comparison to the "chap ...
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