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Golf Tournaments - About.com
Find information about how to play amateur and recreational golf tournaments, along with schedules from the pro tours, plus tournament profiles and winners ...
Golf Tournament Formats, Side Games and Golf Bets - About.com
Find out how to play dozens and dozens of golf tournament formats, and check the definitions of various side bets and golf betting games.
Major Championships in Golf - About.com
What are the major championships in golf? Learn the tournaments that count as majors, view the lists of winners, golf courses that have hosted majors, trivia ...
World Golf Championships: The WGC Tournaments - About.com
Learn more about the World Golf Championships, or WGC, and the tournaments that make up the series, with links to tournament pages and a list of winners.
Golf Tours, Tournaments and Major Events - About.com
Find information on professional and amateur golf tours, golf tournaments and the major events in golf.
Most Popular Golf Tournament Formats - About.com
What are the most popular golf tournament formats, and what are their rules? Here are 10 of the most common types of competition formats.
History and Results From Golf's Major Championships - About.com
The term "golf majors" refers to those tournaments in men's golf, women's golf, senior golf and amateur golf that are identified by fans, players, media and history  ...
Choker Tournament - Golf Format Choker Tournament - About.com
How is the golf format called the Choker Tournament played? Here's a look at the basics.
Swat Golf Tournament Format - About.com
What is a Swat or SWAT format? It's a golf tournament sometimes used by associations and at charitable tournaments. Read the definition to find out more.
Scramble Tournament: What It Is, How to Play It - Golf - About.com
A scramble is a type of golf tournament that is commonly used for club tournaments, charity outings and so on. Here's an overview of how the format works.
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