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Golf Glossary Terms: In-Depth Definitions - About.com
Need a detailed, in-depth definition of a golf term? Check out this extensive Golf Glossary, which includes hundreds of explanations of common and uncommon ...
Golf Course Terms: In-Depth Definitions - About.com
Do you need to know the definition of a term related to golf courses? Check out this glossary of golf course terms.
Golf Club Terms: In-Depth Definitions - About.com
This glossary provides detailed definitions of golf club terms and other equipment terms from golf, with explanations of both common and uncommon words from ...
Golf Handicap Terms - About.com
Our glossary of golf handicap terms is one part of our larger Glossary of Golf Terms. If you need the definition of term related to golf handicaps, check the list ...
Golf Slang Terms: What They Mean - About.com
Golfers use many slang terms, but what do they mean? Here are definitions of some of the common and uncommon links lingo you'll hear at the golf course.
Golf Dictionary - About.com
If your golf vocabulary isn't up to par, this Golf Dictionary can help. Our dictionary includes hundreds of words from the golf lexicon, including sub-sections on ...
What Is a Driver (Golf Term)? - About.com
Here is a definition of the golf term 'driver' from the About.com Golf Glossary.
A Definition of the Term Par in Golf
What does the term par mean in golf? Here is the definition.
Cup - Definition of the Golf Term Cup - About.com
A definition of the golf term cup from the About.com Golf Glossary.
Golf Scoring Terms - About.com
What do golf scoring terms such as birdie and bogey, eagle and par, mean? Here is the answer from the Golf Beginners FAQ.
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