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Golf Glossary Terms: In-Depth Definitions - About.com
Need a detailed, in-depth definition of a golf term? Check out this extensive Golf Glossary, which includes hundreds of explanations of common and uncommon ...
Definition of 'Texas Wedge' in Golf - About.com
What is a Texas Wedge? It's a slang term used in golf to describe a particular piece of equipment - but perhaps not the club you would guess. Read the ...
Golf Club Terms: In-Depth Definitions - About.com
Do you need to know the definition of a term related to golf equipment? Our Golf Club Terms glossary is one part of our larger Glossary of Golf Terms. Browse ...
Double Eagle (Meaning of the Golf Term) - About.com
What is a double eagle in golf? Here is an explanation of the term and what it takes to record one of these rare feats.
Golf Dictionary - About.com
Alphabetical Golf Glossary of Advanced and Basic Terms ... This glossary of golf slang terms is part of the About.com Golf Glossary and provides the definitions ...
Albatross - Meaning of the Golf Term - About.com
The term 'albatross' is sometimes used in golf, but what does it mean? Read the definition from the About.com Golf Glossary.
Rough on a Golf Course: Definition of the Term - About.com
Read this definition for an explanation of the term, and where rough is found. ... " Rough" refers to areas on a golf course outside of the fairways that generally ...
Definition of Greenies Golf Term and Side Bet - About.com
There are two common usages of the term "greenies" in golf: First Definition A " greenie" is a side bet that automatically pays off for any golfer who reaches the ...
What Is a "Duffer" in Golf? Nuances of the Term - About.com
"Duffer" is a colloquial or slang term for a mediocre or poor golfer. The term can be derogatory, but often isn't. If you say, for example, that "most of the golfers ...
Dormie - Definition of Golf Match Play Term Dormie - About.com
"Dormie" is a match play term. In match play, a match is said to reach "dormie" when one of the golfers achieves a lead that matches the number of holes ...
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