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Proper Balance & Rhythm in Golf Swing - About.com
Balance and rhythm, or tempo, are necessary for a great golf swing. Here is how you should be balanced in four key swing positions.
Balance and Rhythm Drills in the Golf Swing - About.com
Check out these drills that can help you develop good balance and rhythm in your golf swing.
Golf Wrist Exercise - Benefit of Strong Wrist in Golf - About.com
How important are your wrists in your golf swing? Have you given it much thought ? Take a moment and picture your golf swing. Start at the address position - to ...
Golf Swing Basics - Improve Your Golf Swing Video
If you want to produce better golf shots, you must first understand the concept of the basic swing. Watch this detailed overview of golf swing posture, positioning, ...
Golf Swing - Add Flexibility to Add Consistency - About.com
Did you know that your level of fitness - specifically, your flexibility - affects how consistent you can be with your golf swing?
Hitman Drill for Right Hip Turn in the Golf Swing - About.com
Here is a drill called The Hitman Drill, after trick shot artist Chuck Hiter, for golfers looking to feel the right hip action in the golf swing.
Powerful Golf Swing - How-to Videos - About.com
All golfers have one thing in common: they like to hit the ball long and straight. If you would like to hit the ball longer, you must first understand the sources of ...
Golf Swing Training Exercise - Downward Wood Chop - About.com
Want to hit the golf ball farther on your drives? Golf swing training exercises that utilize resistance can help improve your driving distance by building muscle.
Proper Balance in the Golf Swing at the Finish - About.com
At the finish of your golf swing, here is how you should be balanced in the follow through.
Full Swing Golf Tips (Driver and Irons) - About.com
Check out these free tips for the full swing, or long game, to find help with drivers ... Here are some full swing golf tips that might help you improve your play in the ...
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