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Does the Augusta National Have a Pro Shop? - Golf - About.com
Like pro shops at any other golf course, Augusta's is where golfers there to play a round check in. It also includes a modest assortment of equipment and ...
Before You Buy Your First Set of Golf Clubs - About.com
I can sum up my advice to first-time golf club buyers this way: When shopping for your first set of clubs, it is generally better to underspend than to overspend.
Buying New Golf Clubs (Things to Consider) - About.com
Something else that can help narrow the field are the opinions of friends, of the local golf pro and even of salespeople in pro shops. If you're shopping ...
How to Shop for Used Golf Clubs - About.com
Used golf clubs are a good option for any golfers on a budget and golfers who don't get to play much. But they are especially good for new golfers. Why spend a  ...
Before You Buy Used Golf Clubs - Things to Look For - About.com
Are you interested in purchasing used golf clubs? Here are some tips for ... Here are some tips on things to look for when shopping for used golf clubs. Check the  ...
Which Golf Club Brand Is Best for Me? (Beginner's FAQ) - About.com
As a beginner you probably won't be able to tell the difference between the technologies underlaying various golf sets. So when shopping, focus on picking up ...
Golf Lessons Buying Guide - About.com
Never forget: It's OK to shop around for a golf instructor - in fact, it's recommended in order to find the best fit. Here are some things to consider before you commit ...
Green Grass - Definition of Golf Term Green Grass - About.com
Green grass describes the type of retail outlet at which golf merchandise is sold. A "green grass pro shop" is one that is situated at a golf course - the on-site, ...
Golf Gift Buying Advice for Non-Golfers - About.com
You need some golf gift buying advice from golfers. Read what golfers recommend - the do's and don't for non-golfers when it comes to golf gift shopping.
The Basics About Golf Sets - About.com
What follows are a few questions and answers about golf sets - the basics, the questions beginners to golf might have. If you'd like to shop for golf sets, you can  ...
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