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Scramble Tournament: What It Is, How to Play It - Golf - About.com
A scramble is a type of golf tournament that is commonly used for club tournaments, charity outings and so on. Here's an overview of how the format works.
Definition of Texas Scramble - Golf Glossary - About.com
A definition of the golf term. ... A Texas Scramble is a golf competition format that is a basic scramble with a slight twist. Scrambles involve 4-person teams, with ...
Golf Tournaments
Find information about how to play amateur and recreational golf tournaments, along with schedules from the pro tours, plus tournament profiles and winners ...
Most Popular Golf Tournament Formats - About.com
What are the most popular golf tournament formats, and what are their rules? Here are 10 of ... Putting in a golf scramble tournament - Tom Grizzle/Getty Images.
Step Aside or Florida Scramble - Definition - Golf - About.com
Here is a definition of the Step Aside or Step Aside Scramble, a type of golf tournament format.
How a Florida Scramble Golf Tournament is Played - About.com
What is a Florida Scramble golf tournament, and how do you play the format? The Florida Scramble is a variation on the typical scramble in which one player on ...
Reverse Scramble - Golf Tournament Format Reverse Scramble
Learn what is meant by the golf term 'reverse scramble' with this definition from the About.com Golf Glossary.
Miami Scramble Golf Tournament Format - About.com
What is a Miami Scramble in golf? Read the definition of this golf tournament format.
Shamble - Definition of Shamble Golf Tournament - About.com
What is a shamble golf tournament, and how is one played? ... (Scoring, as with scrambles, can be done any number of ways, such as using one low ball per ...
Two-Man Scramble - Definition - Golf - About.com
Definition: A 2-Man Scramble is a competition format that is exactly what it sounds like: a scramble in which the teams consist of two players each. After each ...
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